Multi-class OR single-class for trademark application in Cambodia?

Although the multi Class system is available in Cambodia since September 28, 2015, in practice, there still be some disadvantages for multi-class. Many applicant still wonder the pros and cons between single class and multi class application in Cambodia. Here are some information which helps you decide what type of application should be applied for your potential trademark.

1. Advantages of filing single class

In comparison to multi class application, the single class has more advantages as follows:

  •  The official fees for multi-class is still the same as single class application. The Cambodia DIP do not apply any reduction from the second class in the same application.
  • If the trademark application of multi-class is refused for one class, the time for approving the remaining classes may be extended.
  • In practice, the examination on multi-class application is more time-consuming in comparison with single one.
  • In case the trademark owner wishes to assign one class of goods/services, he must transfer the whole classes of the registered mark.

Thus, before filing, the applicant should consider to file single class application instead of multi-class application to maximize benefits as well as save time for trademark registration in Cambodia.

2. Notes for goods/services in each class

In practice, it is said that examination for items of goods/services in Cambodia is not too strict as many countries. Accordingly, the applicant has opportunities to broaden their protection with the minimum fees. Here are some remarkable points for classifying items of goods/services in each class before filing registration.

  • The applicant can apply for a trademark registration covering all goods or services in one class;
  • Listing as many as items in each class do not incur extra official fees. However, some IP agent can charge you extra fees for checking/translation (if any);
  • The list of goods/services can be filed in English and do not need to be translated in Khmer;
  • The goods/services in class heading may be refused (normally marked with * in Nice classification) if it is too general. Thus, please make sure that the item in class-heading should be clarified with detail products/services
  • In Cambodia, the 10th version of Nice Classification is being applied. The applicant should clarify based on this Classification
  • The term as “all included in this Class” should be removed from the description of goods/services

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